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Indoor culture and the necessary equipment

An indoor culture consists of creating a garden or vegetable garden in your home (house or apartment, or even a studio). This is done with specific equipment, otherwise, the plants will have difficulty growing and, if they grow, they will not last. Not to mention that they will not flourish, which means that they will not display all their beauty.

The culture rooms

A growing room offers enormous possibilities when it comes to owning and growing a wide variety of plants. The reason is simple: the growing chamber allows you to recreate the natural environment of any variety of plants, whether floral or green. The culture chamber itself does not allow this tour de force. It is the accessories that accompany it (the air extractor for example), and which are intended for the implementation of a horticultural culture that makes this feat possible. Accessories and the culture chamber are complementary.

Products and equipment

On the one hand, it is a question here of giving some examples of products that are highly useful to ensure that the plants in your indoor crop grow normally. On the other hand, some accessories will equip the growing chamber to provide an adequate environment for the plants. Just like the outdoor garden, an indoor crop must be maintained: you must give your plants fertilizers (soil and/or hydro-aeros) and stimulators. You must also bring products against insect pests. Concerning the equipment, you will use it to regulate the quantity of air circulating in the cultivation chamber, to aerate the latter, to regulate the temperature, to control the humidity (hygrometry) and to set the most suitable temperature for the crops. In practical terms, you will need fans, thermometers and hygrometers, humidifiers, charcoal filters (to eliminate odours), or misters.

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