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How to really solve the problem of mice in the house

Since medieval times, mice have been some of the most feared animals by man, as they are typically dirty and disease-carrying, often serious or even lethal to humans. Despite the disinfestations carried out by the municipality, unfortunately many are still forced to face the problem of finding these unwelcome guests in the house, but do not despair: the solutions to effectively get rid of these small and annoying rodents are many; let’s discover together the most effective. And also what rat killers you can use.

How to notice the presence of mice in your home

Whether you live in a house in the country or in an apartment, the presence of rats can ruin the peaceful atmosphere of your home; but what are the signs of the presence of rats? Here is what to analyze:

  1. Rats gnaw on everything from sheets of paper to wooden furniture and power cables – they often use every possible material to build a nest for their young. This is one of the most obvious signs of the possible presence of these animals in the house;
  2. Regardless of the type, the excrements of this rodent have an acrid and particularly pungent odor; moreover, their location is not random: in fact, it follows the same path that the mouse follows to retrieve food and everything that can be useful to it, so it leaves an effective trace of its passage.

Do you have an attic and do you hear strange noises? Has a pestilential smell affected your sense of smell? Are there wetlands in your home?

Check very carefully, it could be right there that the rodent is nesting.
The classic remedies to solve the rat problem

If you have verified the presence of mice in your home, before moving on to more modern countermeasures, you can try the most classic methods: pest control and mouse traps.

Pest control is a much more radical remedy, but considered by many of the most effective: this solution is recommended especially in case you have found a burrow, to eradicate the problem at the root, as the infestation is serious.

The problem consists in having to leave your home for a variable period of time and having to turn to experts in the field, which leads to a discomfort and a no small economic outlay. Extreme care is also recommended in the period immediately after pest control, as the gases used are extremely harmful to humans and can cause nausea, migraine or headaches.

In case you live in the countryside or the presence of pests is limited, you could opt for a softer solution: the classic mouse traps, suitable for hunting only one rodent or a small number of these animals. This is a much less radical option and there are various types of traps available on the market; you will only need a good dose of patience. Where you live in an area where you can free the mouse, the advice is not to buy lethal traps, and once the mouse is caught, free it far away from your home, just in case. Also, to avoid attracting them, always keep the house extremely clean, plug every crevice and seal all packages containing food of any kind; also keep the trash tightly closed. Finally, the most classic solution: if you have a cat, you already have your rodent hunter in the house!

On the market there are also some hunters that use ultrasound to annoy and keep them away, but this solution is one of the most innovative remedies.

Cutting-edge remedies

Before choosing technological remedies, it is good to remember that science has identified a weak point in these animals: excessively intense odors. Mint extract, for example, is a natural dissuader for these creatures, since the very strong smell will keep them away and will also cover the possible fragrance of food that might have attracted them into your home.

The most innovative systems, also used for a wide category of insects, use ultrasound to create a very large area where rodents will not even be able to get close, as the ultrasound is extremely irritating for them, disorienting them without causing any kind of damage. The technology of these instruments is particularly refined: the ultrasound systems generally use a single frequency, while the systems to keep the mice away vary frequency after a certain number of hours, in order to avoid that the animal can get used to the sound and can cross the sound barrier without any problem. Bearing in mind that these animals are generally vehicles of fleas, ticks or other hosts that are particularly harmful to the health of humans, especially children, electronic bollards also tend to restrict access to the parasites that the rodent carries with it.


Unlike cats, dogs have an immune defense system that is not effective against parasites and diseases carried by mice, in which case, you may want to take immediate and harsher measures to prevent your pet from becoming seriously ill. In the event that the company called for pest control cannot intervene immediately, the idea of sealing every crack in your home should, as far as possible, be a temporary solution before the problem is permanently eradicated. A mice free environment is healthier for both adults and children and avoids multiple problems and health risks for those living in the house. Taking into account what has been said so far, every expense, no matter how great it may seem, will actually give you the opportunity to save significantly more in the future!

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