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How to properly landscap your garden?

A Zen garden, for a magnificent outdoor relaxation area!

A Zen garden is conducive to relaxation and relaxation. Serenity and calm reign there. On sunny days, we love to come here to rest or to read. Creating a Zen garden is like creating a Japanese garden. You can decorate your garden according to your tastes. However, to obtain a Zen outdoor space, certain basic elements must be respected. The first thing to do is to maintain your lawn by removing mosses to ensure a flawless lawn. Then, when it comes to the material to use, focus on the natural such as stone, sand and bamboo. For your green space, choose plants that persist such as fruit trees or Japanese maple. Also consider planting conifers, grasses and flowering shrubs at the bottom of your garden. To avoid obstructing the view, make sure that the plants are placed in an orderly manner.

A Zen garden also has a water basin. Install a fountain there. If possible, create a pool with an artificial waterfall. This allows you to enjoy the relaxing sound of water during your relaxing moments in your garden. Decorate the pool with river stones and water lilies. For decoration, if you want, you can install a statue of Buddha in your garden. This will support the Zen theme of your garden.

Furnish your garden with style

To make your garden a welcoming place where it is pleasant to spend time, equip it with adapted outdoor furniture. Wood brings a touch of charm to your garden. You can, for example, choose an Adirondack chair. The rustic design of this armchair will embellish your garden. Equipped with fairly wide armrests, an Adirondack armchair ensures comfort and style. You don’t like this model? You can also choose a woven resin armchair. To bring cheerfulness to your outdoor space, add a few patterned cushions to your chair. You can also opt directly for colourful outdoor furniture. What about garden furniture in apple green, grapefruit orange or purple plum? Choose a colour that will make your garden a friendly and festive place. Do you dream of a garden with a chic and modern look? Instead, choose garden furniture made of aluminium or wrought iron.

Don’t forget to create shade in your garden. For this purpose, an arbour is very practical to shade a large space. A remote parasol is also suitable for a small space.

Finally, to enhance your summer evenings, don’t forget to install a barbecue in your garden. The market offers different models. You have charcoal barbecues, electric models, and those that work with gas. If you want to have lunch under the sun, consider setting up a real kitchen area in your garden.

Enhance the lighting of your exterior

To beautify your garden in the evening and also to allow you to prolong your beautiful summer evenings, do not neglect the lighting of your outdoor space. Depending on the style you want to have, you have the choice between different devices to mention only lamps, garlands and LEDs. Garlands and lanterns create a more festive and intimate atmosphere in your garden. For an original style, opt for LED lighting in the shape of balls or why not flowerpots? This type of lighting is also very energy efficient. Just know how to choose the places to install them. If you need strong lighting, streetlights and projectors provide excellent outdoor lighting. As for the connection, the cables must be arranged discreetly to harmonize the lighting and not to harm the aesthetics of the garden.

By choosing the right lighting, you change the overall appearance of your outdoor space, but also that of your home. Good features will bring an extra touch of charm, originality and elegance to your summer evenings.

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