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How to build a modern garden at home?

All you need to do is to know certain rules and provide yourself with certain adapted equipment. In contrast to the wild garden, the modern garden relies mainly on geometric lines, trendy furniture and comfort. To succeed, find here our best advice.

Focus on minimalist style

A modern garden is defined above all by the minimalist style that emphasizes simple and refined furniture. The geometric style and subtle lines are highlighted, particularly in the choice of garden lounges and decorative accessories. Avoid overloading the space at all costs. To make it easier for you, refer to the Japanese style that promotes plenitude and serenity.

More furniture and fewer plants

Everyone should be aware that the modern garden requires little maintenance. This modern garden has very few plants and shrubs but with many furniture and decorative elements. Above all, we must favour furniture, we must leave little room for nature. For this nursery, it is not necessary to put fruit trees or flowers. Nature is limited to lawns and only green plants, whether in pots or planting, but above all, they are easy to maintain.

Choosing the right plants

Since this is an easy garden to maintain, it is important to choose the plants to use for your garden. We can agree for cactus or shrubs placed on the ground, palm trees or angel hair to have a peaceful look, dwarf palms to are to be adapted. Synthetic turf and artificial hedges should also be considered.

Focus on natural materials and neutral tones

As for the equipment, the elements and materials used are important. It is therefore advisable to use cement wood, stone or granite. The modern garden must have at least one beautiful wooden, concrete or stone palisade. For colours, it is good to choose neutral or dark colours. The goal is to give a comfortable effect on the garden.

Relying on water

Water is also a must in a modern garden. For those lucky enough to have a large space, a swimming pool is an excellent alternative. Otherwise, a decorative fountain and a small pond would be the ideal solution. In doing so, you can call on experts on the installation. Even if they lack of vegetation is felt in your garden, water will quickly fill this void.

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