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Garden soil maintenance

Maintaining the garden floor is a task that is far from optional. Indeed, the soil contains a high level of nutrients and microorganisms that are depleted as crops are grown. This is why it is important to maintain the garden floor methodically and regularly. Otherwise, the soil becomes impoverished, hard, which makes work difficult. And this impacts the plants on it, they could suffer from it.

Why maintain the garden floor?

The maintenance of the garden floor is mandatory because it can run out. Some plants are particularly greedy, so, naturally, the soil needs to be cared for and fed more. This is the case for some vegetable plants such as tomatoes and ornamental plants. They draw a significant amount of nutrients to grow and bear fruit. Special attention must, therefore, be paid to these plants and to ensure that the soil constantly retains its properties and structure by maintaining the soil in the garden. In times of heavy rains as well, some nutrients may not yet have been assimilated by the soil and are easily carried away.

Good maintenance of the garden soil

To ensure proper maintenance of the garden soil, it is important to establish a crop rotation. In this way, the soil has time to recover and at the same time, any spread of disease is limited, eliminated. The best time to maintain the garden floor is in the fall. Weeds are uprooted and manure, compost or compost are mixed into the soil.

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