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All about tree pruning

This work consists of cutting off certain branches so that they do not present any danger to passers-by, on the one hand, and to respect the rules of neighbourliness on the other hand.

Why do you have to prune a tree?

A tree must be pruned for safety reasons first and foremost. As a tree grows, it or its branches can become cumbersome and dangerous, especially if the tree is located near a building or on a traffic route. Indeed, the tree and its branches can be a threat because they can fall and cause damage. Also, a tree must be pruned for aesthetic reasons. You must remove the dead branches and those below. Finally, this step is very important to preserve the life of the tree.

How often should a tree be pruned?

There is no specific time limit to respect between two prunings. A tree must be pruned as soon as it becomes bulky, threatening or unsightly. This is the case when the branches reach the roof or electrical wires or when they cross over on the public road or nearby property. You can also do pruning when branches and leaves prevent natural light from entering through the window or bay window. Also, you must prune a tree in case of storms or heavy rains. The branches or the tree itself may fall and cause accidents. Finally, it is natural to do pruning in the fall when the leaves fall.

How to perform a pruning operation?

You should know that pruning a tree is not the same as pruning it. You need tools such as a chainsaw or a saw. Pruning is generally done on large trees. It is, therefore, necessary to have climbing ropes and a safety harness to prevent falls. A scale can also be used.

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