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A professional interview for your garden

Do you want to preserve the aesthetics you gave it in the beginning? There is no miracle solution: you need to take time, energy and often patience to maintain it.

For a beautiful garden all year round

Maintenance also guarantees the durability of your plants. But of course, a little ingenuity and tips will make it easier for you. For example, choose shrubs that require little or no care. Choose these shrubs which are easy to live with, especially if you already have beds and beds or a vegetable garden in your garden that require a lot of care. Also, for isolated corners or those that are difficult to reach, prefer ground cover plants that grow on their own. Besides, they have the advantage of preventing weeds from invading your garden while maintaining soil moisture. Choose these shrubs that require little care for your borders and hedges.

Professional gestures to acquire

Some effective gestures allow you to have a beautiful garden no matter what time of year. First, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed, and for that, go little by little, for example for weeding. This means that you have to do it very regularly but not for long each time. This is the secret of effective maintenance. By doing so, you do not allow the roots to sink too deep, which will be tedious to tear off later. If you skimp on regularity, you may spend 2 or 3 days in a row wedding, which will certainly disgust you.

Planning helps

Like a true professional, planning gardening can be very helpful. In what ways? By entering the day, time and activity to do on your agenda, you will increase your efficiency. Make a year-round schedule, if possible. What size to run in winter, what seedlings to sow in spring, what vegetables to harvest in summer, when to turn the soil, on which area to add compost, etc. All these details help you to see more clearly and above all to be more efficient.

Mulching the soil

Do you know how to mulch the soil? It is a technique to be learned and mastered for the most effective maintenance. Mulching prevents weeds from growing, it preserves soil moisture and allows your plants to continue to grow without problems even amid a drought and as they decompose, it enriches the soil with the nutrients it contains. Also, this mulching on the ground decorates your floor somewhat. Either you buy it or you make it yourself by crushing plants that you will have recovered during the pruning and pruning of your trees and shrubs.

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