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Band Sawing | Seasoning | Chemical Treatment | Finishing and Packing


The main activities of Company consist of Bandsawing of wood, making it to the required sizes, giving Chemical Treatment, Seasoning of the same, after finishing of the material, and last packing and supply it to various destination of the Handicrafts, Furniture, Packing Material. We are an ISO 9001:2000 company certified by BSI.

Band Sawing of Wood :-

This activity is carried out at our unit located in the Nadiad of Kheda District in Gujarat State (India), in this unit; the row material of wood is brought to the unit
for making it to the various size and shapes. We have different types of cutting machine to cut it down. Similarly Bansaw Sharpner is used for edging out of the prepared articles like wise number of Articles and Wooden Furnitures are made and send to our wood treatment units. We are also Manufacturer of Antique Style & All Type of Teak-Wooden Furnitures.

We have qualified and experienced persons who are working to fulfil the requirement of our valued customers in this unit where raw material is prepared for our various wood treatment unit .All activities are carried out as per I.S. Code.

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Seasoning of Wood :-

This unit is consisted of seasoning unit in which the wood is kept inside the chamber and treated in such a way that wood becomes resistant to bending, cracking & splitting, using this treatmently the wood become highly dried. This system uses is highly reliable & acceptable method in the world and many beed
and highly registered to banding, spiltting & cracking up two thousand cubic ft. at the same time after completion of entire cycle, the treated wood is thughroly checked for moisture content in the wood in our laboratory available in the same premises of our company plant. This entire process is carried out as per I.S.
Code - 1141.

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Chemical Treatment of Wood :-

As earlier stated that wood is given a treatment of seasoning to convert it too highly durable. There after this wood is chemically treated to make it suffer from any kind of wood biting insects. This will help the wood to become powder free. This is located in our company where our wood-seasoning unit is located; we carry out our various operations to make the wood safe from any insects.

This Process consist of loading of wood articles in pressure chamber, applying of Vacuum and high temperature pressurised air to take care of the penitration of the chemical in wood to a sufficient depth which ensures the quality of the treated wood chemicals or preservatives are sent inside the pressure vessel for the wood pressure treatment which develops the wood to resist any type of attack of insect which make the wood powderer and any biological effect chemical or preservatives is brought from protecto paste ( Eco-Friendly Product ) and also use Ascu - Hickson Ltd. Which is U. K. Collaborated Company.


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Finishing and Packing :-

This activities is carried out at our finishing unit we have also different types of wood finished polish machine in our unit. Similarly prepared articles of handicrafts , furniture making to the well polished. After readymade polish articles or furnitures are sent to proper packing into our packing division as per demand of country.

We hope that above mentioned details is in the line with your requirement of handicrafts and you will revert back to us with your valued order can feel free to us for any further clarification.


Most of the Raw Material is from Teak, Old Teak,Ply, Pine,Acaciawood, Sisam, Etc. The Specialist Products are for Reproduction of Antique Style Wooden Furnitures,Home-Office,Indoor-Outdoor,Modern,Rustic,Handicraft Furniture Wood with humidity less than 10%.

Type of Product : 

We are Design, Manf. And Supplier of Antique Replica Treated Teak -Wooden Furniture and Handicrafts, Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Garden & School Furniture, Office Furniture, Types of Boxes, Cabinets, Bookcase, Wardrobes, Chairs, Tray, Multipurpose Almirah, Tables, Ox-Cart, Cart-Wheels, Wheel-Box, Kutchi Ghantti, Gujarati Damachiya, Types of Pitara, Types of Doors, T.V. Tables, Coffee Tables, Photo-Frames, Wooden Painted Almirah, and Gift Article, Shankheda type Furnitures,Packing Materail, etc. In Our Own Seasoning & Chemical Treatment Plant in Gujarati Cultures and also Supplier of Metal Work, Wood Work, Brass Work, Textile-Tie and Dye, Embroidery, Block-Print, Chaklas, Bead Work, Furnishing, Jewellery, Leather Work, Pottery, Puppetry, in Gujarat Culture of India.




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